Sunday, December 12, 2010


If there is a God, I'll bet he or she has a pretty good sense of humor. Actually, for the record, I do think God exists. As a matter of fact, I think the evidence is incontrovertible. I am not convinced however, that God has any interest in our lives. But if I'm wrong about that and He or She does have more than a passing interest, it must be quite a show, watching all these self-centered idiots making a hash of things.

I think that mankind has a single all pervasive challenge, the answer to which will provide a solution to all our problems. We must learn to honor, value, cherish and protect life. I know that sounds trite but I am convinced it's as simple as that. If we truly honored life in all its forms, our problems would soon be resolved because our priorities would completely sort themselves out.

This has been brought home to me by a rather small, innocent creature whose life has become central to mine, our dog Meesha.

OK, I understand that you might want to stop reading now and click off to some other place that is more interesting. Frankly, a few months ago, this would be exactly what I would have done as well. But, things have changed for me and I see things a lot more clearly because of this little dog.

Meesha is a rescue dog. She was brought to our door by Sasha, a woman from one of the rescue organizations that Gaetanne found on the Internet. It was obvious she had been abused in some way, she was extremely skittish and needed a lot of room to settle down. Sasha explained to us that Meesha had a difficult time with men and it seemed that whatever had happened to her was at the hands of a man. That much became very clear over the next few days as we began to get to know each other.

At first she would not come anywhere near me and it was a full three days before I even got to touch her. It was quite a while later that she became comfortable with us, and especially with me. She is quiet, loving, intense, respectful, compassionate, caring and of course, fun loving. She lives each minute intensely in the way that dogs seem to do. She has a sense of humor, she smiles a lot and loves to run. Meesha is very stubborn. She stops at times for reasons beyond our understanding and won't move. She loves to ride in the car and feels very secure there it seems.

Over time, we have discovered clues to her past. This included the day that a friend of ours came to visit. As he walked in the door, Meesha erupted, barking and showing her teeth. He was holding a rolled up newspaper.

Another time, we were playing together and instead of throwing the ball, I kicked it. She stopped dead in her tracks and looked at me like I had committed a crime. She realized pretty quickly that I meant no harm but it was a very intense moment.

But now we are pretty close, we hang out together and trust each other. She sits in my lap when I invite her and sometimes I watch her sleep. She dreams and I wonder what they are about. She yips and twitches and seems so vulnerable. I don't understand how anyone could ever have been cruel to her. She gives me peace and I am a better person for having her in my life.

As for God, well, that's the question isn't it? How could there not be a God when there are such beautiful creatures in the world?