Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Robert Title Exhibition of Erotic Photography - REFLEXIONS

If this age of Post Modernist, Political, Concept Oriented Art with it's sterility, exclusivity and coldness leaves you feeling just a bit nostalgic for the Impressionists, rest assured that there are still a few left. I am sure that this statement will be regarded with distain by those in the inner circles but frankly, I don't care. It is a relief, a breath of fresh air to see work that is beautiful, that celebrates life and light, and that cherishes the mystery of the feminine.
True eroticism stimulates the imagination, is not exploitive, and shows the possibility of creative vision in everyday life. Robert Title's REFLEXIONS are exactly that. These pictures feature lovely but ordinary women, as seen through the eyes of a lover. A brief and passing glimpse of sensuality that seems to have existed for only a moment, yet captured and preserved by Title's lens.
Title's work with the nude started in the sixties when he studied sculpture. This led to photography where those sculptural concerns became more and more photographic in nature. Several exhibitions in the sixties and early seventies led to an NFB multi-media production titled REFLEXIONS that featured Title's extensive body of work. It now resides in the National Gallery of Photography in Ottawa where it is part of their collection. The original work was done on slides for projection and no prints were ever made from it.
Fortunately Title has revisited the theme over the past few years and produced a new body of work for the series. These prints are being offered in a limited edition through the gallery and are the subject of a limited edition book of the same name.
Robert Title's exhibition of erotic photography opens Friday, April 8th at Photohaus Gallery, 14 West 7th Avenue in Vancouver BC. The opening reception will be preceeded by a talk by the artist at 6:00pm. Don't miss it!