Friday, March 22, 2013

A Sad Day on Gabriola

No doubt you have heard about the young woman who drove her car into the ocean earlier this week.  They recovered her body yesterday and there is a quietness to the island that mourns its lost daughter.   Somehow she decided that the terrible fear of such an act was preferable to another day on this little piece of paradise.  How can that be I wonder?   But I already know the answer, it's all about pain.  

There are times in everyone's life where the pain seems unendurable.  One more minute is agony and the thought of going on and on is too much.   The only things that keep us going at times like these are love and hope.   At least that is how it has been for me.

I still don't know the name of this young woman, this tortured soul, but I wish I had been there for her.  I think we probably all wish we could have done something.   The really sad thing is that we probably could.  If only we had known.  

Look around you.  Everyone is in pain.   That's life.   We all need love and support.  We all need a smile.  We all need hugs.  We all need to be flirted with, to be recognized for our qualities, for our attractiveness, for our humanity, for the sacrifices we make and the pains we endure.

There's a lot of love on this island.   We care about each other and we each try, in our own way, to support each other.   It's a wonderful place, we try and make sure that our neighbours are ok, that the people we know and deal with, are ok.   Sometimes someone slips through the cracks though and  my heart goes out to this young woman's family, her friends, and everyone who knew her.

It's a sad time and all I can do is resolve to be a better person in this moment and all the moments to come.