Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Wealth of Vision

Do you ever wonder what it is about a particular piece of art that moves you?  Why some pictures seem to speak directly to your soul?  I do, and for all the years I have put into studying imagery I confess that it still seems a mystery to me that the instant I clasp eyes on a particular picture,  a scene, a gesture, an object, I am flooded with recognition, with a sense of validation,  with joy and often, wonder.  The experience seems to be instantaneous, a lightning strike in the middle of something else that rivets me to the spot and commands me to look.

I have difficulty tearing my eyes away and resent interruption of these rare moments of bliss and often, insight.   It hurts in a way that is beautiful.   It is often what I would characterize as a "spiritual" experience.   I feel compelled to respond and occasionally am brought to tears at the sight of that thing before me regardless of what "it" may be.

I suppose that is why I consider myself to be an artist.  What good fortune have I!

Heather recently introduced me to a man via Youtube who understands what this is all about.  I would like to offer it to you, so go and get yourself a cup of coffee, tea, water and even a cookie if you are so inclined.   This runs for about 45 minutes I think, I hope you enjoy Alain de Botton on art as the new religion.   (Don't mind the singing as it starts, it put me off a bit I confess…)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Walk in the Woods

I haven't been on the River Trail for a while and I must admit it is one of my favourite walks here on Gabriola.   It's quite beautiful and the dogs like it a lot.  But today was a surprise.  As we were walking we came upon an area where the trees have been decorated with Christmas ornaments!   This seems to me to be a pretty clear statement about Gabriola.   I love this place!

My thanks to whoever did this, you made my day!