Monday, June 2, 2014

Back in the City Again

Well, it has been a while but I am now back in Vancouver.   Not surprisingly, there have been a number of changes to the city.   Translink appears to be updating/renovating the Skytrain Station at Main Street and not every train stops there any more.  After four and a half hours of travelling I finally arrived at the Burrard Skytrain Station and found myself vaulting off the train as the doors closed because of an announcement that it didn't stop at Main.  I waited for the next one, same thing.  Hmm.   Third time lucky but getting out of the Main Station was an interesting experience as well.  Not difficult fortunately but a surprise none the less.

I was waiting for the number 19 bus to Metrotown when a Main Street bus pulled up, loaded a bunch of weary people and rolled away just as a chap came running full tilt swearing at the top of his lungs at the departing bus driver.  I'm sure the driver heard him but I'm equally sure that he was convinced more than ever to keep going as he seemed to accelerate rather quickly as he pulled away.   The man on the street stormed, stamping his feet and treating us all to his vast vocabulary of expletive phrases and epithets.  I wondered if it was really worth it and just how long his tirade would last when he stopped mid phrase to help an older lady who I am sure now, was deaf to his vocalizations.

Just then a taxi pulled up with two more seniors who did a remarkable slow motion scramble to escape the car while a BMW behind it exploded with sound as the irate driver leaned on his horn, gesturing wildly as he pulled around the taxi to complete his right turn before the light changed.  I had forgotten how angry a place this is!

My bus arrived and I got on only to find that I didn't need a ticket as the fare machine was broken and covered with a bag.  It almost made me happy until I realized that I had already spent the fare anyway to get there.  Oh well, I guess there are other things to be happy about.   Getting back home will definitely be one of them.

On the other hand though I am sitting with my dear friend Robert while his computer chugs away.  He is reading his book while I post this.   I'm sure dinner will be another adventure.  We're both terrible flirts!

By the way, Heather.  I walked from the Gabe ferry terminal to Departure Bay.  I hope that counts as my exercise for the day…

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